I believe that public education is the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life, a basic human right, and a key component of healthy communities. My family moved to St. Louis Park because of its schools, which is why I’ve been an active participant in my children’s schools, the school district, and our community. I am committed to our community’s values and I want to play a part in ensuring that all learners thrive and succeed at high levels. In order to fulfill its mission, St. Louis Park Schools must:

  • create and maintain an equitable, healthy, and safe learning environment for all students;  

  • ensure that staff members have the resources, training, and support necessary to meet the needs of learners at all levels;  

  • engage and involve families, community members, and staff with consistent and authentic communication; and

  • remain fiscally responsible as we upgrade facilities to 21st century standards and face uncertainty in funding.       

As a school board member, I will:

  • insist on transparency and accountability in decision-making and budgeting;

  • actively seek community feedback and multiple perspectives on issues;

and most importantly,

  • only support decisions that advance the district’s mission and are consistent with its core values.