for st. louis park school board

Committed to Excellence for All Students


As a parent and community member in St. Louis Park, I have a history of service and engagement in many areas, from PTO Chair at Peter Hobart to Health in the Park action group champion. No role has been more rewarding than that of district strategic plan team member. It has been a powerful experience to sit with a group of committed people to create a vision for the future of St. Louis Park Schools: not just for my own kids, or my kids’ school, but for ALL learners. This is the kind of work I love to do: listening to different perspectives, delving into information and data, and working together to decide on a plan of action that advances the mission to the benefit of everyone.

I am running for school board so I can continue that work. I am committed to the district’s plan to:

  • eliminate the achievement gap through racial equity work;
  • ensure that our staff have the support required to meet the needs of all learners;
  • build collective ownership with families and community members;  
  • upgrade facilities so everyone in our community has safe and healthy places to learn.  

If you would like to know more about me, please reach out! I’d love to meet you for a walk or a cup of coffee.



    “Anne is dedicated to the success of all learners in St. Louis Park. Her experience in the schools, nonprofit world, and community shows she not only has the strategic mind for the job, but has the empathy and compassion that is needed in a School Board member.”
    — Joe Tatalovich, St. Louis Park School Board Member